The Tremont Fire & Rescue District has served the Tremont community for over 80 years and takes pride in responding to the emergency needs of its residents. The district, roughly bordered by Townline, Towerline, Allentown and Weishaupt Roads, covers approximately 75 square miles and 2,000 households. Responding to calls throughout each year, the Tremont Fire & Rescue services strive to ensure the safety of the Tremont community’s citizens and property, as well as those traveling through. Today’s firefighters respond to more than simply fires. Tremont firefighters are responsible for confined space rescues, hazardous material incidents and many other emergencies. Firefighters continue to adapt to these new challenges by attending training locally, within the county, and at numerous “fire schools” across the state.

Tremont Rescue is primarily a BLS (Basic Life Support), however we have options for obtaining Advanced Life Support treatment options when necessary. Tremont Rescue in collaboration with the Peoria Area EMS office has been working to bring a higher level of care to the community and the people we serve in this Emergency Medical capacity. Illinois Department of Public Health has passed legislation to allow for rural rescue agencies with members who work professionally in the pre-hospital medical setting to operate at their licensure level. Advanced level of care includes a greater scope of practice of interventions and medications. These include starting IV's and fluids, intubation for securing a potentially compromised airway, advanced cardiac care, trauma care, pain management, and other advanced interventions.

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